Talk about designing a building, the architect is the master of it and at this time we are going to talk about the famous architects that exist in this world today. Talk about the famous reputation of an architect, we need to know what kind of works that they have been created. The first comes from Frank Gehry. He is a man who was born on 28th February 1929. He is an architect that known as the innovative, and distinctive architectural phenomena. He has his work about a building that built with not a tidy arrangement of buildings. He has also the ability to create wide spaces inside the building with manipulating the forms and surfaces. His works that has been known well around the world are such like The Walt Disney Concert Hall that located in Los Angeles, Der Neue Zollhof in Dusseldorf, Marques de Riscal Vineyard Hotel that located in Elciego, and also the Guggenheim Museum that placed in Bilbao, Spain.

The next architect who includes in famous architects is Frank Lloyd Wright. He is an architect that was bornon June 8th 1867. Cannot be hesitated, he has finished his works in many places. Numbers of people considering that Frank Lloyd are the greatest all the time architect. His professional works are not only considering about the exterior and the interior as the most architects did. As the additional superiority, he can build a house with also considering the building forms, the construction methods and he never handle kinds of formal school architecture. He is an American that is humble and his humble brings him into the Louis Sullivan in order to learn more about architecture. His famous works that people now are about the Guggenheim Museum that located in New York City, New York. Moore he has its Arizona State University, Pennsylvania and so many more that cannot be said in this opportunity.

The next is the Chinese architecture. He is Leo Ming Pei or abstracted as I.M. Pei. He is a Chinese that was born on 26th April 1917. Finished his architecture study in the US when he was a teenager, now, he becomes the famous architects that exist between the famous architects who have modern architecture in every work that he had. He has been working for at least 80 years of being a worldwide architect. One of his greatest works that known is the National Gallery of Art that placed in Washington D.C.

Last but not least, it is Zaha Hadid. She is an architect who was born in October 31st 1950. She is a legendary architect that was born in Iraq. She is going to win an award that is the iconic award that usually brings the award to a person who is acquired to get the Architecture Nobel peace prize. She has workedwith the criteria of futuristic, daring, artistic and unconventional style. More, she has also been rankedin the Forbes most powerful women that ranked in 69th position for the year 2008. Includes in famous architects, she has MAXXI as one of her works that known in the world.

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