Kitchen lighting design

No doubt kitchen is the busiest place in a home. Good Kitchen lighting design can not only ensure pleasant atmosphere as well as efficiency. Energy Efficient kitchen lighting design can really save up lot on bills since kitchen uses lots of electricity.

Goals to be achieved by Kitchen lighting design

Basically, there are three goals to be accomplished by a good kitchen lighting design, to create a lighting theme which ensures productivity as well as matching kitchen theme, suitable energy efficient lamps and lighting controls enhancing the efficiency and lighting management. If a design is based on above three factors then it can be called as a good kitchen lighting design.

Some tips For Good kitchen Lighting design!

  • Try to utilize florescent lighting as much as possible since florescent lamps use less energy when comparing to incandescent bulbs. Kitchen requires lots of lighting so florescent lamps are good energy efficient choice, wherever possible.
  • Cooking and related work is the main objective of kitchen so the lighting’s main objective must be the same too. In short, start the kitchen lighting design from work places and ending at other places. Working places such as cabinets and oven should be carefully considered.
  • After the main kitchen lighting design, think about the second priority places for instance, eating and sitting place. It may or may not get covered by main kitchen lighting so the design must be carried out appropriately. Again florescent lamps are good choice. Addition of reflectors can really cut down the bills since they increase the range and you may have to use one lamp instead of two.
  • Although halogen lamps are much more energy effective but they must not be considered for main kitchen lighting design because it’s focused light has little coverage.
  • People prefer to use a single switch for whole lighting, which reflects the inefficiency since you don’t have option to adjust the lighting according to your use. Adequate number of switches will make your kitchen lighting design an energy efficient one.
  • Incandescent lamps and halogen lamps are renowned for their inefficient use of energy! Good idea will be to use the dimmers to customize their energy use. However dimmers are not to be used with fluorescent lamps since fluorescent lamps are expensive and they may get damaged.
  • Not just kitchen but try to decrease the use of incandescent bulbs since they are highly energy inefficient. Approximately, only 10% of input energy is used to give out light whereas other 90% is wasted in heating effect.
  • Lighting in night! Well, you can prefer to have none at all but it is good if you get an energy efficient lamp to be used at night, you may need to go to kitchen late at night!

Kitchen lighting design

A little care in kitchen lighting design can really enhance the productivity yet with efficiency. Moreover, if you are innovative you can use art in lighting as well and make yourself an artistic kitchen lighting design.





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