Living Room Design. Sterilizing and lighting are perfectly proven by Magnus Dahl and Thomas Eriksson in the model of this living room. This contemporary house has black and white colour concept in white. The style of the interior displays the complete modern design of a contemporary residence. Open area program seems excellent for this house getting small area.

It’s displayed from the model of the living room and also the dining room that’s used in the same area. The lounge seems excellent with ultramodern fire place that’s created in modern lines. Room furniture can be in modern design exhibiting contemporary functionality.

The dining area has daring highlight proven with the black rug that appears excellent using the dining seats which are in gray colour. These gray contemporary seats encompass white modern desk providing the trendy appear of a modern dining area. Contemporary living room furnishings needs to be designed and selected dependent in the design idea of a contemporary residence. Modern and useful are the primary features of modern furniture that’s ideal for the current house.

Gray is usually the colour of the room furniture. It includes the couches in dark gray colour and white desk that’s created in creative design. Mild gray rug provides highlight towards the white interior floors in this space.¬†Including more colourful highlights, modern artwork covered with vibrant colours for example pink and orange are connected around the white interior walls. Comfortable fashionable living room in classic style is positioned in the corner of the area providing fashionable view in this area.

The workplace was created with the living room. It could also be the house workplace that’s developed in contemporary style in white colour concept. Installed white desk seems stylish using white going seats. Huge floor to roof racks are the good spot to set up the book variety. Living room architecture in contemporary design is one of the favorite constructing form in current days.

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