The beauty of this earth looks like rainbows. Come together and looks beautiful in tandem. It seems very suitable to be a line in a poem that describes the beauty of nature. But this time is not only a beautiful rainbow in the poem. I will make a rainbow be beauty in your home. Wow … Yes! Rainbow interior design.

Selecting rainbow colors as the interior of the house is a color of courage. Obviously it’s because he was carrying a variety of colors and became an integral circuit. There are several ways to present rainbow in your home:

1. Bringing a whole rainbow colors into the color of the rainbow interior design. Example: white walls, red sofa, green drapery, yellow carpet, seat cushions in blue, purple paintings, and so on. Your home is filled with rainbow color sequence. It will be seen full color.

2. Frame your home with the colors of the rainbow. Paint your house with white color. Pull line with the rainbow colors of the frames the entrance to the several parts of the house so it looks as a whole. Choose furniture with varied colors. Or you can choose a mix of 2 colors. If you choose the stairs, you will be targeted to maximize the interior of the rainbow. Close ladder with rainbow -colored carpet. Feeling up to the sky escorted by a rainbow.

There are more ideas about rainbow interior design here based on the pictures.

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