Do you know this French Alps Luxury Chalets? The retreat home was created and also built by Stanley Fink and Philippe Capezzone with seven bedrooms. Inviting 14 visitors at a time is not a problem just for this retreat. It can be operated by 5-star Kilimanjaro Hotel and Spa and completed indoor pool and spa and also healthy gymnasium.

Nearby architecture, seems to get in strong traditional style design, is the basic of that Chalet Tsuga building. Triplex and fourplex architecture design with a lot of balcony, A-frame roofs, and wood stone exterior complete this house retreat.

French style window and classic railing complete the deluxe hotels in French Alps Luxury Chalets “competitor”. The house design and components will be keep the hot atmosphere of just living using snow float surrounding even while presenting good outside view.

Beautiful living alongside coffered ceiling design is equipped with deluxe material sofa and added with a lot of wooden features. Fireplace completes the collecting area with hot atmosphere, helping the dominant wooden addition. Double level ceiling is exclusively included for the dining room. It is finished with view windows and best wood paneling and ceiling beams.

Sleeping rooms, using and without study, have been in stylish interior design. Tufted chairs with feet table add deluxe sensation to bedroom. Full of windows realizes the idea of view oriented architecture.

They are completed with interesting architectural restroom with stunning white and black interior touches. Exactly what a great mixture to get black tile floor, black and white wall completing, and a piece of wood ceiling with beams.

Decorating the deluxe retreat home, a few contemporary pieces of home furnishings will be mixed with much more dominant classic style furnishings. They are included wonderfully although still preserving the luxurious picture of this excellent French Alps Luxury Chalets.

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