Mountain house plans

Are unique in their presentation because of the setting for which they are designed. To take advantage of the mountainous terrains, mountain houses are designed with huge windows to give an opportunity to the occupants to have a full view of the terrain outside. Mountain houses are designed to capture both the contemporary and rustic charm of the countryside.

Most of the mountain homes are a combination of log houses and timber frame houses. In the recent past however, traditional framing has been used while the log and timber have been confined to the beams. With advancement in architectural creativity, materials characteristic of modern houses such as stonework and exotic boards have been inculcated in the building process. Irrespective of the materials and the plans used, one feature of mountain homes is that their design is targeted at capitalizing on the captivating mountainous views. Every part of the house ranging from the master suite to the living room is designed to have its own unique view of the beautiful mountainous terrain.

Mountain house plans

Also incorporate a porch. Because of its unique position, the porch is designed in such a manner as to give the house a picturesque appearance thereby increasing both its intrinsic and face value. Most porches are covered but some are left open; either way, they are meant to relay a welcoming ambience into the house. Some porches have swinging beds which enhances their utility. Fireplaces are a great way to complement the appearance of a mountain house. They should be included in the plan.
To integrate the house with nature, mountain house plans should include terrace levels. Recreation and theatre rooms are some of the units that can be accommodated well on the terrace levels of the house. Some designers have put up plans that cater for wet bars on the basement of the mountain house. The design and decoration of the house is not cast on stone but depends entirely on the creativity and innovation of the house planner working hand in hand with the occupants.

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