Dear Ginza Building by Amano Design Office. The client is a designer company. It got a new long-sought after lot inside Ginza, and planned to create a commercial /office building. The structure site is on the Ginza 1-chome Gaslight Avenue, which is one avenue behind the Ginza Key Street.

It is about the back side with the Mizuho Bank and Pola Ginza properties on the Central Avenue. The atmosphere is quite distinctive from the gorgeous Central Avenue, and the site is by using an empty street and this can be seen behind the trail with large-sized buildings. Getting as many people as possible directly into such a street will be our task. Your client desired the building to become gorgeous existence. Furthermore, the designer planned to provide a “slight feeling of strangeness” for the passersby that would attract these phones the Dear Ginza Building.

Considering the opinions from the inside, simply getting openness with goblet seems futile, considering that the outside scenery is despairing. Therefore, a twice skin structure is required, which consists of glass window curtain walls and graphically taken care of aluminum punched metallic. The façade becomes a section of the interior decoration and also obviates the need for window treatments including blinds or draperies. By using a double epidermis, reduction of the air health and fitness load and the goblet cleaning burden have also been intended.

The irregular façade layout of Dear Ginza Building was determined by calculating a design in order to avoid arbitrary forms also to approximate forms naturally. We thought that any well-made incidental form would probably be a less-disagreeable design. Locally of mostly modernist buildings with horizontal and vertical or perhaps geometric shapes, the structure has a proper a feeling of strangeness, attracts special consideration, and has an charm as a commercial constructing. The abstract floral graphic is used to be able to balance the impression with the façade, i.e., to be able to free it up coming from becoming too edgy.

By calculating the Dear Ginza Building, individual metal punched panels are usually irregular with different sides and shapes, but all fit into a regular size, resulting in outstanding material yield. To head off being clunky, an extremely light structure is required. As a result, much caution has been taken in its specifics. The colored LED top lighting, which is put in inside the double epidermis, entertains the passersby with different plans depending on the season. Predicted tenants included an elegance salon and esthetic hair salon, and the expectations are usually materializing.

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