Minimalist 2013 designs

Cool, calm, cozy, serene, just a few words that will come to mind when you think of minimalist 2013 designs. They come to give your space a personal touch to your décor and surrounding. Utilizing these designs will give your house a collected air that is endearing. The living room trend is minimal utility of space so as to give it a sense of freedom. Furniture is set in a mix of antique wood items blended with metal, plastic or leather pieces. The 2013 designs borrow a leaf from the East by using movable screens that help to partition space. This can be a division between the dining area and living area which can be removed to create a more sociable space.

Rich fabrics are also used to bring warmth and comfort to the living area and bedroom. The furniture can come in velvet or rich, textured traditional materials. These fabrics are complemented by metal and plastic furnishings that come as chairs, shelves and stands. Minimalist 2013 designs bring alive the use of plaques, antiques and various art deco. This is to further help you express your inner self. This deco comes in earthy and gentle colors that blend into the set color theme.

Minimalist 2013 designs

The colors tend to be conservative yet crisp in their statement. Black, white, grey in its diversity and charcoal are mixed with spurts of color that give your space your individual taste. Minimalist 2013 designs afford the kitchen area a vast space in which interaction is set to take place. This is through a bigger kitchen bar that lets people rest while cooking is taking place and engage. Marble, granite and finely polished wood surfaces are some of the finishes that you can utilize to give your kitchen that spunk. Separating the bedroom from the wardrobe has the Eastern style screens being utilized here as well. This helps the bedroom to stand out by itself.

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