This is a futuristic building in Mexico city, they called Soumaya Art Museum.You might think it’s a UFO, or other type of extraterrestrial spacecraft. In fact, it’s an art museum in Mexico City, and his name is Zumaya. The book was named by some rich guy Carlos Slim from Mexico, which finances in a historic building on the dead woman. The architect was fine son in law of Fernando Romero. Whether it was an unusual building for housing painting and art exhibitions from around the world and the best team Slim hired to do this – the man who built the Sydney Opera House and the Bird’s Nest Stadium in China.
Bold building has a curved shape of hexagons 16.000 with aluminum in the sun, which from 2010 Funke, the year covered by the inauguration. irregular shape of the building of a cube as a base, and that it extends the ends. architect and building team used the latest technology to be able to finish the project in detail. The form of the museum inspired sculptures by Rodin and aluminum voted on the surface of traditional Mexican culture, as the shape and material. An amazing piece of architecture in brief.[source]

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