RB Arkitektur, a Stockholm-based architecture firm designed this modern and eco-friendly house design with bunker style of architecture. The hotel is situated on a gentle slope, is the Villa uH1 a bunker of World War II era German companies and designed with all the modern comforts of home, and the additional benefits of eco-design house. modern hotel, built partly underground, mixed with the surrounding greenery and finished with environmentally friendly, the roof is covered with moss. For more integrated and sustainable geothermal systems include an alternative energy source. That is, this villa has a large, modern Swedish aesthetic, his accent a simple, elegant, minimalist interior, with its white palette of colors and textures, and modern Earth. tall figure of a house will give your window in an unusual manner and place, flooding the interior with natural light – a function for the environment. Complemented by a modern and elegant furnishings, this house is the home of your dreams is Swedish.[source]

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