Even with small size of lake house architecture, but the wooden materials that build it makes the design was very cool. With architect Todd Saunders of Saunders offers architecture at the top, this modern boat-style home just the right rustic charm and modern influences. With a wooden roof that wraps around the wall and the floor, making this compact cottage retreat as warm embrace, welcoming residents and their guests to relax and be happy in the amazing views of the lake, all glass facade. a large terrace surrounded by stretch in front of a lake house, which sits peacefully between forests and water. The interior of this wooden cabin design is minimalist, wall-floor to the essentials. This unique design of the house were several pilot enterprises for this young architects based in Norway. Saunders Architecture said: “The main dilemma for emerging architects is finding clients willing to take a chance with young, enthusiastic architects that have limited experience,” “When we first started our firm, instead of looking for clients we went looking for plots, to build an experimental structure. In doing this, we could pursue our architectural vision in line with our convictions: uncompromising, original and respect for the landscape.”[source]

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