Jalousie windows are typical window that was so popular in 60s or 70s. It has multiple glass slats put together in the track. It can be closed and opened. The multiple slats are controlled by a crank to make it open or close. It is very famous for the hot area, such Hawaii, Australia, pacific Island, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and so on. It is very suitable for hot season because you will get the breeze enter to your house with jalousie windows or other name for it is louvre window. It will very much fresh for that kind of condition. And if cold season come, you can just operate the crank to close all of the slats to avoid cold enter to your house.

Nowadays, only a few family use louvre windows it has been replaced by more practical of modern window. There are several reasons why lovre windows are left. First, because louvre or jalousie windows are for a long time of usage, it will begin to be difficult to be closed or to be opened. Another reason is because it is easily to be corroded. When the season is changing, form hot to cold or rain, the aluminum material that keep this windows will be corroded and it makes the window to be difficult to be controlled by the crank. Furthermore, using this kind of window is really consuming energy. Although it is closed, it will still emerge the energy from home to the outside. Therefore, the windows have been left from 20 years ago.

But, if you insist to have jalousie windows and don’t want to replace it with the modern one, you can still have it but you have to maintain it very well. For the louvre window design, when the lifetime almost gets the reach, for example, the window can’t be opened, what you should do is lubricating the crank. So, the glass will work again. And because it came from the past, it means that your louvre windows have been very aged. Then, you can manage it to be newer for the classic design. You can have somebody to help to replace the parts of the windows that have been damaged or destroyed.

Although louvre windows design was not so popular like at that time. Some stores are still provide this windows design. And in some countries the usage of louvre windows is still high. Usually for the country which has a lot of hot climate. They need good ventilation to breath. Using the windows will get impact of good ventilation, because the air circulation will flow smoothly. So, the air inside your house will always fresh. If you are interested in having these windows but you want the modern style of the windows. Don’t worry because such manufactures are selling the louvre windows in various modern styles. Then, while is the left of the past era, you will have modern touch on the windows you wear. The choice of having ancient louvre window or modern windows, it depends on your test want to have jalousie windows or not.

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