Some people are still asking about what is a modular home. For your information, the modular house is getting more and more popular because of the considerably cheap price and also the working time that will only takes about some weeks. In detail the modular house can be considered as a house that is manufactured or produced in a factory with the specific setting. This kind of house is usually joined with the pre-made house foundation that is constructed on the site.

When people are asking about what is a modular home, the first reason that they also ask is the time for building one in the factory. In general, the modular house will be finished within less than a month. Two to three weeks are the average time. However, that time can be much longer based on the size and model of the house that you pick. As an addition, you need about three more weeks after the factory finishes your modular house for assembling the modular house with the pre-made construction that you have built on the site. Therefore, you will be able to start living in the fully ready modular house in less than two months.

Since the modular house is factory made, some people who ask about what is a modular home also ask if the model, shape, and the basic size of the modular house is same. Basically, the size and model of the modular house are considerably similar, but you will not find one house that is similar to the other house. That is because all of the firm that offer you the services have their own program to design the type and model of the modular house just like what you want. Even though you are offered the same size of modular house with many other customers, you will not find any similarities between the one that you have and the others.

The last question that comes with what is a modular home is the question about the financial. Even though the modular house is considerably as a compact house, the price for this house is considerably average. However, the cooling and heating costs that you might spend for the common house will be lowered because of the efficiency of the energy of this house. As an addition, most banks and insurance companies will also be able to help you finance this kind of house, just like the house that is built on the site. Therefore, you will not need to worry about financing if you want to have the modular house. Those are some general explanation that you might want to know about modular housing. Hope all of the information above will be able to help you in answering what is a modular home.

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