Book storage design – When we like something, we definitely do not want to far from him. If anything it is a hobby, for sure we always wanted to do it regularly and make the hobby supporting all of our activities. One of very interesting hobby is reading. When your hobby is reading, I ‘m sure you love to collect books. Is neat and beautiful and whether the order of your book collection? Do not get your books into a pile of paper to make your eyes look tired.

Here, in this web, you will get interesting and unique book storage design ideas to organize your books collection. Creating a unique bookshelf and tidy is not difficult to realize.

1. Book shelf attached to the wall with a corrugated bulkhead or abstract. Not just a place to organize a book, you can use to place drinks, display photos and for home decoration.

2. Wooden bookcase to partition the living room and dining room / family room. Can be added as a bulkhead seat. It would be very nice.

3. Empty space under the stairs of your home, should not be wasted. Take advantage of a relaxing place to be equipped with bookshelves.

4. The roof of the house for a bookshelf? Set up a ladder to climb huh?! If you like challenge things, this book storage design is perfect for you.

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