Bali home architecture design – Bali is a paradise on earth! I’m sure you agree with this statement if you’ve been to the Bali Island, Indonesia. Very enchanting natural beauty the main attraction of all people around the world. Besides the natural beauty, unique culture and extraordinary of Bali is able to hypnotize visitor. Sculpture, carving and painting are an absolute cultures owned by Bali.

For those of you who never set foot on the Bali Island, you definitely have to know Bali home architecture design. But what that has never gone to Bali? I am sure this article will make you want to immediately spend the holidays to Bali. And it could be, you want to build a house with Balinese architecture.

Bali house design architecture consists of modern and traditional architecture. Current architectural design combines modern and traditional architecture.

Minimalist style can apply for a home Balinese architecture. Bali is a hallmark of roof pyramid shape style with that supported two poles in front of him. The main characteristic is the wall built, but to bring a modern look you can apply the glass in Bali home architecture design. Design is an absolute must have is carved Balinese wood and stone. Carving with high artistic value.

Curious? Come to Bali, Indonesia!

Instead curious, here I show Bali home architecture design.

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