Having a modern residential architecture is an achievement in this era. Why? Because the design is very distinctive, character, simple and has a high artistic value.

Once you know how the character and design of modern architecture, then what about modern architecture furniture?

Let’s discuss together.

This style is characterized by clarity and honesty design. Often seen in the use of building materials that is honest, for example the use of exposed rock walls without painting or finishing. The use of shape detail is also very minimal style which embraces ‘less is more’, the less ornate better.

Modern architecture furniture style divided into ‘streams’ style design, natural modern, modern minimalist, modern chic, and so on. Each has a specific design rules. Minimalist design, for example, is a modern stream of highly functional and does not give space in the form of ornamentation or decoration at all (at least), and not only that, even the shape and arrangement of the floor plan of the building is very minimalist, simple things.

As for the selection of furniture design, we can use a modern style furniture for home stay. This furniture, as well as the rules of modern architectural design, also inspired by modern philosophy to be honest and not much ornaments. Clean impression of the furniture design, simple and unadorned exaggeration is the hallmark of modern style furniture.

Characteristic of the house with modern architecture is the dominance of glass on the walls. Therefore, for the furniture in your living room, it looks like installing glass table with black or white colored couch for a more elegant impression.

A dining table with modern design using glass as the table leaf. The chairs are ‘clean look’ or look clean and simple are a bit curved at the top which gives the sweetness impression.

For cabinets, you can create modern design with some of the bulkhead for book cupboard, shelf mounted horizontally underneath again for television or perhaps you want to create a modern fireplace there.

To deepen your knowledge, here I show some examples of modern architecture furniture.

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