Panorama House Design by Moon Hoon

The essential request of lower and upper spatial business and also the model of the site promted an extended and tin residence with ever-changing facade which might permit more classified view. The real key was discovering a multi-functional area which is a big stairway, book shelves, home cinema, casual studying space, slide and lots of more…

Panorama House Design by Moon Hoon

The customer was very happy while using the design, and also the primary design was recognized and completed very quickly, simply with minor modifications. The  dining space  and kitchen is some other essential area where household gathers to connect. The TV was pressed away to a reduced living room area. The attic room is where the most effective view is achievable, it is utilized as a enjoy room for youngsters. The multi-use slice and stair  space adds much active energy towards the residence, not merely children, but additionally grown ups enjoy the slide staircase…An action stuffed playful house for all those ages…

Architect: Moon Hoon
Photography: Namgoong Sun


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