This green and clean outdoor garden is the most attractive and adorable space in this retreat home and through this page we can see the nice and identical landscaping of the nature side and the humanity care for the world. The green landscaping of the garden bring more than just a space for relax, but also the comfy space for gathering with our kids or our self. This contemporary Hawaii retreat home is completed with vintage outdoor pool space that is places on the backside space of this building construction. The poolside space of this pool was covered with the wooden material so that the natural look of this place still can be seen from the front side until the backside of this home.
The integrated dining room kitchen areas are likely similar and thematic with brawny chocolate dining room. The chocolate style of both kitchen space and dining room space was given a thematically landscaping for our eye. Furthermore, the both kitchen space and dining room was side by side with the family room so that for those parents who are need a huge space without any divider can apply this idea. The main application in this Hawaii home was completed with these two glossy private bathroom landscapes and retro looks master bedroom inspirations.

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