Designed by Stefan Boublil, this glamorous black and modern apartment was located in New York. Cindy Gallop BBH Advertising: concept for a client who does not need further introduction. The purpose of this department was short and simple: “At night, I feel like a night club in Shanghai …” And it is. Suits first YMCA in the U.S. design stage `S show. A black lacquered Chinese box serves as the inspiration for the task of aesthetics. Colors for over 30 years collecting various artifacts from around the world in the future. Everything went perfectly together in this huge room with a network, such as walls and doors. All objects defined black space around them so they explode. Light causes a shadow, with a feeling, a night club in Rainbow Station New York City in the past.
Old and new work, expensive and cheap art in conjunction with an impression of the room perfectly balanced for Cindy gallop. His 300 pairs of shoes are displayed each in its own light. A paradise for women, shoes for the entire width of the house. Glam meets luxury in the “lust” phase. One of the most beautiful Touch is a huge library. It contributes to the charm of the home and how “Peep Show” feeling. Glamour and glitter to drown the idea of a dark interior. Nothing in this apartment is usually all that screams seduction and confidence. Cindy says: “This house was built on the deck of the latest bridal shower will be.” [source]

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