This is the newest modern architecture home plans idea that often called as Helal New Moon Residence. The luxury homes in United Arab Emirates after some previous designs that have been created by all architecture in United Arab Emirates. Boasting ornate details, lavish finishes and rich features at every turn, this 35,000-sq.-ft. home is an oasis of super luxury pools, manicured gardens and modern architecture in the Persian Gulf desert. The architect combined the country’s Islamic roots with modern technology and a keen eye for the contemporary. Supporting the roof, stone-clad columns penetrate it and reach up toward the sky. “The whole structure suggests a giant Bedouin tent, with the football-field-sized roof, cantilevered 30 feet on each side, casting a giant swathe of shade,” as described by Erlich Architects. This design is the modern residence architecture because the luxury homes photos with amazing interior design ideas make this residence looks so special with any other residence. Is that right? [via]

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